How to control the anger in relationship

How to control the anger in relationship

In life we sometimes experience tough times in our life. And there are many reasons why a person is angry. In relationship, being angry at each other is not a good feeling. Both of you can be unproductive and just making each other feel worst. Controlling your anger can be done in many ways.  The following are the simple ways on how to control the anger in relationship.


Think before you speak

When we are angry we tend to say harsh words to the person and we end up regretting later. When you are angry try to take few moments and collect your words before saying anything. And let others do the same too. As we all know, when the heat is on still, the problem will build up thus resulting hurting physically or emotionally. Though there are times that we can’t control ourselves but if you practice anger management, you can handle tough time and address each other’s concern properly without hurting each other’s feelings.

How to control the anger in relationship
How to control the anger in relationship

Keep Calm before you express

As soon as you find calmness to each other, start expressing your concerns in a very relax and calm way. Sometimes the tone of our voice triggers or heat things up resulting to a bigger or nonstop problem. Also when addressing your concerns, make sure you it must spoken clearly and directly so the other side can understand what you are going through. Also the best way to minimize anger is to let each other say what is going on and the other party will just listen. Let each finish their concern before butting in the conversation. In that way you will find light and understand why he or she is angry.


Get some exercise

One of the reasons why people get angry immediately in small things because of the hurtful feelings they are going through. They may be sad, afraid, stress or rejected in a certain event that cause them to sum up everything and just a single small problem make it burst to anger. To eliminate certain primary feeling, take a walk or run outside so your mind and soul can breathe properly according to research exercise can help you reduce stress that cause you to easily get angry. Also getting yourself in a fun activity can lessen the negative feeling that causes you to argue with the person.



The best way to settle each others’ anger is to find a solution to this problem, instead of focusing in madness and problems. Every person has their weakness and to soften the heart of the person is to find what he or she likes. You can either surprise him or her with good dinner and once he or she feels happy you can start the conversation and solve the problem. Always remember communication is the only key to fix the problem. Talk heartily and you will understand each other’s side. Also lessen your pride and set aside it, your support to each other is important than that.